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Your organization must be alwaysdelivering mission-critical real-time applications

Converged Campus Networks Solutions

The mobility trend is impacting all corporations today. A mobile enterprise benefits from business agility and engaged employees, resulting in happier customers. In order to really become a mobile enterprise, the network infrastructure needs to support a variety of devices, more applications (especially the ones using multimedia), while ensuring that employees can be connected anywhere, any time, with any device. Our converged campus solution is built upon a unified access approach for a consistent user experience, on a wired and wireless network, with a high performance 10G/40G core. The network has the intelligence to automatically optimize itself based on user mobility, keeping costs low and maximizing the available resources.

Applications Fluent Networks

Application fluent networks build on convergence to optimize performance for each application by dynamically adapting to its unique requirements to be able to provide consistent high quality real-time application delivery as well as economic advantages. This means the network must automatically deliver the adaptability, resiliency, simplicity, and security individual applications require.

The Application Fluent Network is the enterprise’s intelligent answer to managing demanding real-time application and BYOD environments. With an Application Fluent Network, enterprises can enjoy a network that understands devices as well as associated applications. Contextual understanding of conversations between devices and applications makes it possible for the network to optimize the user experience and network performance, while lowering capital and operating expenses.

Data Center Switching Solutions

The corporate data center is under attack. Emerging technology trends such as mobility, real-time applications and virtualization have conspired to create a new set of demands that yesterday’s data center architectures are simply not equipped to handle. A new generation of users increasingly requires anytime/anywhere access to rich-media applications from smart phones, tablets and other devices with optimal enterprise application performance.

To contend with this fast-changing set of stimuli, enterprises need intelligent, flexible, cost-effective solutions that can dynamically optimize data center network performance. What’s more, they need a solution that will enable them to take advantage of the cloud’s full range of benefits. These include:

  • Increased business agility
  • Simplified IT management
  • Faster provisioning and rollout of new services
  • Reduced costs

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