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Video conferencing allows you to reachwith natural face-to-face conversations

SCOPIA and Radvision Video Conferencing

Radvision’s industry leading SCOPIA desktop video conferencing solution incorporates voice, video, and data collaboration in an easy to install and configure web browser plug-in. By leveraging already existing hardware, in the form of desktop computers and standard WebCams, SCOPIA desktop provides you with increased productivity and communicative efficiencies without forcing you to make large capital expenditures.

Why Video Conferencing

80% of the information you convey in your face-to-face conversations is transmitted through facial expressions, gestures, and other nonverbal means.


So video-based communication is far more effective than its audio-only counterpart. In situations where your staff, prospects or customers need to communicate as a group in real-time, video-based communication has proven itself to be as effective, and less expensive, than traditional alternatives.

Benefits of Visual Communications

  • Increase teamwork efficiency
  • Enable remote workers
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Improve corporate communication and culture
  • Engage the customers
  • Use the right communications channels for the right audiences

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