Contact Center

We provide basic call center operations or advanced interactive facilities; simple and cost-effective solutions that can grow as your organization evolves.  Advanced options include chat, multimedia, text and voice call back options to ensure your clients know you care about customer service.


Respond quickly to new business opportunities and competitive challenges with reliable, fast and secure data network solutions.  End-to-end solutions incorporating internet providers, failover, firewalls, VPN, fast VLAN network switches and Wi-Fi 6 campus wireless access points.

Cloud Communications

As communications become increasingly blended, IP telephony is now at the core of the corporate landscape. Save money while increasing your flexibility with mobile softphones, home phones, unified communications, chat, text, digital collaboration and video.

Video Conferencing

Increase employee efficiency with an easy to use, affordable comprehensive collaboration solution that delivers high definition audio and video in just one-third the bandwidth of typical solutions.

Surveillance & Secured Access

Protect your investment with perimeter and internal security solutions including surveillance, automated security door & gate access and advanced features such as license plate reading vehicle identification.

Systems Consultation

We provide phone and communications analysis, data security audits, camera reviews, intrusion detection & content filtering, VPN encryption, VLAN safety and password policy reviews, encryption recommendations and firewall policy inspections.

Get started with a network assessment

During your network assessment we will discuss your business’ needs and create a plan to help find unique solutions that meet those needs.

Professional Services

Engineering And Design
Out-of-the-box solutions aren’t always suitable for every business and every situation. For situations that require custom communications solutions, our engineers will work with you to identify your specific business issues, and will then design a custom solution to meet your needs exactly.
Quality Network Assessment
Before making the switch from traditional telecom providers to a VoIP solution, you will face a very important decision; to use your current network, or to upgrade your infrastructure. Quality network assessment helps you make the right decision by giving you accurate information about the capabilities of your current infrastructure, and about the demands that will be placed on it by your new communication system.
Moves, Adds And Changes (MACs)

UT Networks offers moves, adds and change services in packaged hours and on an individual call basis. We will guarantee a 48 hour response time while our typical response is next business day.

Network Expense Management
Network expense management helps companies identify and eliminate overspending on your telecom network. It also finds ways you may be under utilizing your data network resources. We’ll help you plug these holes and make the best use of your network resources, saving you money and time.
Carrier Service Audits
It is extremely common for carriers to continue billing you in error for services that you’ve canceled, or to charge for services that they just never got around to providing you with in the first place. You may be paying for services you don’t need and don’t use.

UT Networks‘ carrier service audits are designed to identify billing errors, unnecessary services, and any other issues that make your carrier-based telecom solutions less cost-effective than they should be.

Carrier Services Assessments
Carrier services assessments are special audits designed to make sure you’re getting the most for your money when it comes to your carrier provided communication services. We can often save you significant amounts of money through service consolidations, more effective contract management, and the power of bulk purchasing.

Why Choose Us?

What We Believe

We get to know our clients needs before engaging an engineering perspective that places the highest value on elegant, tailored solutions to solve our clients’ unique problems.

How We Work

By simplifying your communication solutions we allow you to focus on what you’re communicating, not on how you communicate it.

Our Passion Is Our Work

Over the past 21 years we’ve built a reputation with a unique combination of knowledge, experience and reliability, and we take that reputation very seriously.

Never Over Promise

We hold it as our duty to not just propose and implement solutions, but to provide the training necessary for you to get the most out of those solutions and your investment.

Service Comes First

Your business interests come first. We adapt our communication technologies to fit your needs – rather than trying to adapt your business to fit the technology.

Who We Are

Serving the telecommunications needs of companies across Los Angeles since 1991. While the Los Angeles area remains our focus, we have designed and implemented solutions throughout the US.

Our Partners