UT Networks

About us.

UT Networks is Southern California’s Premier Solutions Provider

UT Networks is an evolution of United Telecom, the company we began in 1991. Our practice started in order to serve the telecommunications needs of companies across Los Angeles. While the greater Los Angeles area remains our focus, we have designed and implemented throughout the US.

We specialize in the design, engineering and implementation of intelligent communication systems, network infrastructure, Surveillance and Cloud Solutions. Our strength lies in our ability to understand your business’ needs and apply our extensive engineering and technological expertise to design and implement solutions that meet those needs. We strive to enhance your ability to communicate, while at the same time simplify the way you do it.

Our reputation for reliability comes from the twin principles of never over-promising, and always delivering what we have promised. Our clients trust that we will do what we say we are going to do, and we strive always to be worthy of that trust. As part of that trust, we hold it as our duty to not just propose and implement solutions, but to provide the training necessary for you to get the most out of those solutions, and out of your investment.

This means that we adapt communications technology to fit your business, rather than trying to adapt your business to fit the technology. Our theory is that communications technology is supposed to be enabling. It’s supposed to make it easier and simpler to do business, not more complicated, and our job is to make that theory true.

Address And Location

373 Van Ness Ave., Ste 100
Torrance , CA 90501

Our Focus

Our focus is on solving problems, not on selling services. All UT Networks departments, from sales and design to project management, operate from an engineering perspective that places the highest value on elegant, tailored solutions to meet our clients’ unique problems.

Our Goal

By simplifying your communication solutions we allow you to put the focus back on what you’re communicating, not on how you communicate it. When simpler and more powerful communication solutions boost your productivity and make you look good to your customers, we’ve achieved our goals.

Our Reputation

Over the past 21 years we’ve built a reputation with a unique combination of knowledge, experience and reliability, and we take that reputation very seriously. Our depth of knowledge comes directly from the emphasis we place on engineering and on a thorough understanding of the technologies we implement.

Our Partners