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Contact center solutions enable your business to:
meet the needs of customers
optimize resources
generate more revenue

Voice-Centric Contact Center

Your enterprise needs to manage calls effectively so that it can provide a useful, rewarding experience to customers. Whether your contact center is supporting a technical hot line, fielding emergency calls or providing advice on car insurance, an voice-centric contact center solution helps you process and monitor call traffic across several locations. Possible to leverage contact database and implement a proactive Contact Center with outbound. Simple but dynamic, it enhances your customer service capability and gives you a sound basis for future development.

Multimedia Contact Center Solution

Your customers get in touch with you by telephone, e-mail, chat and SMS, so your business needs a flexible contact center that can adapt to the demands of varying traffic and business conditions. A multimedia customer contact solution gives you the power to deliver high-quality, consistent customer service across all channels, in all circumstances. This comprehensive, easy-to-use solution targets businesses where operational simplicity is key.

Customer Self-Service Contact Center Solutions

Automated contact center solutions enable you to provide efficient customer service without increasing payroll. Through touch-tone or speech-enabled applications, customers can define requests before speaking to an agent. If expected waiting time is too long, IVR will propose several alternative like redefine initial requirement, negotiate callback, or complete service requests without speaking to an agent. If they agree on waiting, callers can use queuing time to listen to FAQs. Out-of-hours services or overflow services will increase time coverage.
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