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Mobile access is needed everywhere in your company, not just the conference rooms. In order to really become a mobile enterprise, the network infrastructure needs to support a variety of devices, more applications (especially the ones using multimedia), while ensuring that employees can be connected anywhere, any time, with any device. Our converged campus solution is built upon a unified access approach for a consistent user experience, on a wired and wireless network, with a high performance Wi-fi 6 core. The network has the intelligence to automatically optimize itself based on user mobility, keeping costs low and maximizing the available resources.


Internet security, automatic internet provider failover, sd-wan aggregation, intrusion detection, encrypted virtual private network access and content filtering are just some of the features you may want to employ on your firewall to keep your company’s data safe.    Filter malware before it even gets to your servers or workstations keep productivity up and your customers an optimal experience.

VPN – Virtual Private Networks

Connect offices accross the state, country or even the world.   Reduce costs by centralizing key data resources.    The business infrastructure has changed dramatically in the past few years and more and more businesses require home office solutions with access to core data systems.   Encrypted secured data access provides low cost solutions for full functionality between offices, at a home office or even a hotel room.

Network Switches – Virtual Local Area Networks

High speed data switches and VLAN optimized and secured networks maximize your investments while keeping costs down.   Provide access to VOIP phones, server resources, guest network acccess on your wifi, security and HVAC access from outsourced monitors without compromising security and seperating traffic for optimized performance.   A single network connection can provide you that to keep costs down.

Data Cabling – Ethernet Wiring

Wifi is fantastic for moving clients while physical data connectivity offers optimal speed and is the backbone of your wireless network.   UTnetworks offers organized cabling solutions including Cat 6a, Cat 7, Cat 8, single mode and multimode fiber installation.   Tidy patch panels with clear labeling make additions and changes simple.

UPS – Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Power backup solutions provide robust protection from data surges and spikes to keep your server investment safe.  Backup emergency power can mean the difference between servers shutting down or even losing data or continuous access for your team and clients even in the event of a brown out.    Solutions can be scaled to keep you operational from an hour to several hours with battery back up or days with generator failover.

New Office – Office Moves

Setting up a new business or moving offices can be a challenge added to your existing workload.   UTnetworks can leverage our vast experience for your benefit.   Let us research the most cost effective and robust solutions that will work with your company’s specific needs and goals.   ISP selection & scheduling, bandwidth & static IPs, firewalls & policies, power requirements, switches & vlans, Wi-Fi heatmaps and selection, ethernet and fiber cabling, port placement, surveillance and access solutions are just some of the services we offer.

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